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Why do I need an interim manager?

Came not to stay: Interim managers support small and large companies through difficult times so that they can emerge stronger.

Interim management is playing an increasingly important role in today’s fast-moving business world. It gives companies easy and uncomplicated access to expertise and experience without the long-term nature and costs of a permanent management position.

Discreet, responsible and confidential
They are usually called in when there is “fire”. Interim managers are experienced executives who help to lead companies out of crises and overcome challenges in an absolutely discreet, responsible and confidential manner. For example, if a company suddenly finds itself without a manager, in the event of financial problems or during company restructuring In phases of rapid growth or expansion, an interim manager helps to cope with the additional workload and facilitate any transition to new operational managers.

Focussing on the company’s success
The external interim manager brings a valuable, objective and unbiased perspective to your organisation. This neutrality is particularly helpful in reviewing deadlocked processes and developing innovative solutions for your company. They act as if they have been part of your company for a long time and are solely focussed on its success.

A qualified interim manager
  • works closely with you and your managers
  • reveals new perspectives for your company
  • brings stability to your company
  • improves communication and co-operation within your company
  • closes competence and knowledge gaps in the company

The difference between success and failure lies in
not simply letting crises happen, but actively doing something about them.

Always see crises as an opportunity! A qualified interim manager takes on responsibility from day one. They act as a sparring partner for owners, board members, supervisory board members, C-level managers and investors You are probably familiar with sparring as a form of training from boxing, where the training is aimed exclusively at improving the skills of the person being trained. An interim manager improves the performance of your company.

How do I find the right interim manager?
You can find renowned interim managers directly or on platforms. Take a look at the experience based on the positions and projects of an interim manager. A good interim manager has not only worked in different sectors, but also in different corporate structures – from medium-sized companies to large corporations. He has a good and strong network of contacts to fall back on.

Think boldly – dare to change
Alexander d´Huc